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"Authentic L🖤VE" Collection


"Electric Love" Collection


"Angels Of Hope" Collection

This jewellery collection has a significant meaning. We all have our struggles and difficult moments in life but the most strongest thing that keeps us going is “hope”.

This collection is dedicated to all people who need this little positive sparkle to keep us going and believing in all the beautiful things in life. Send you all Angels Of Hope.


"Maîtresses" Collection


"Mistinguett" Collection


"Easter Bunny" Collection


"Candy Crush" Collection


"Powderpuff & Bombshell" Collection


"Bird Of Paradise" Collection


"Little Angels III" Collection


"La Parisienne" Collection


"Little Angels II" Collection


"Alice" Collection

Welcome to the rabbit hole, welcome to Wonderland.
Yes, indeed, Be-Angeled found her inspiration in the fairytale ‘ Alice in Wonderland’.

In this magical fantasy world rabbits, queens and deers play the main role, all covered in pastel. We see sets of bracelets, collar-necklaces and ‘queen of hearts’-earrings in mint, coral, banana & gold.


"Cabaret Sauvage" Collection

Once again we go to Paris in memory of Moulin Rouge. We enter the world of Burlesque and dress up like the one and only Dita Von Teese.

Cabaret Sauvage brings us great colorful jewellery with big bows, playful cherry’s and sparkling Swarovski. The world of showbizz is filled with feathers in kobalt blue, emerald green, lucious red & sparkling gold.

Welcome to the cabaret!


"Mademoiselle" Collection

Let’s go to Paris, the favorite city of Be-Angeled. When we think of Paris, we think Dior, Chanel, Chantal Thomass, The Eiffel tower and above all… Romance. We see ‘Les mademoiselles’ wearing stockings, high heels and red lipstick.

Meet ‘Mademoiselle’, a fancy collection of Parisian inspired jewellery and hair accessories all toped off with miniature poodles, hearts, eiffel towers and sweet pendants.


"Marie-Antoinette" Collection

‘Marie-Antoinette’, the second collection introduces us to the decadent world of the French queen… Marie-Antoinette.

The luxurious life at court was translated into chique fresh-waterpearls, pink alabaster stones and sensual laces. The ‘Marie-Antoinette’ collection with chokers, triple & rich decorated necklaces and large satin bows: The PERFECT excuse for that mad over-the-top tea party with lots of pastries.


"The Oh So Lovely" Collection

The Oh So Lovely collection was the very first Be-Angeled’s jewellery line. This collection was meant to be a key-collection, a collection which showed the very essentials of the brand.The ‘Oh So Lovely’ collection brought us to luxury world of pearls, pink, black and bows. This first collection was a very small one with only 12 necklaces and 2 bracelets all made with semi-precious stones like agate and rose quartz. However this small collection turned into a big succes, sold in more the 45 lovely BeneLux shops.

The ‘Oh So Lovely’ Collection contains the classics, the timeless essentials so typical for Be-Angeled.
This collection is dedicated to Chantal Thomass, one of Be-Angeled’s muses.