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Who is Devi-Shri?

The Goddess of Love

My name is Devi-Shri.
On 29th December 1978 I inherited my Indian name from my open-minded parents, Isabelle and Luc.

Devi is the Sanskrit word for Goddess and Shri is a Sanskrit title of veneration and love. I have an older sister, Ganesha, named after the best-known and most worshipped deity in Hinduism, the god of intellect and wisdom.

My childhood was a happy one and I thank my loving and caring parents for it. I grew up surrounded by turn-of-the-century dolls, antique teddy bears, old postcards and other curiosities in one of the most beautiful streets in the heart of Ghent above my mother’s eccentric shop, The Fallen Angels.

A lot of my inspiration today is rooted in the memories I have preserved from those happy times. With the years passing, my sister Ganesha has opened her own shop, The Fallen Angels Gallery, right next to my mother’s. She sells vintage advertising signs and posters.

After my high school studies I did some fashion modeling but I quickly realized that I was happiest behind the camera. My passion for photography was yet another great legacy I received from my father, a photographer.

After living in Luxembourg and New York I came back to my roots in Ghent. and decided to go my own way.…and that’s how Be-Angeled got started!


"Made with Love" book


“Vintage & Parisian boudoir style”

The Be-Angeled universe is brimming with Love. It is a world of extravagant beauty, feminine elegance and playful coquetry, a place where women can be women and unashamedly feast on jewellery, clothing and accessories in Parisian boudoir style.

With Be-Angeled, Devi-Shri Vancoillie has created a shopping concept & fashion label that has quickly grown into a genuine lifestyle. Both visitors to her Be-Angeled Private Shop in Ghent and online shoppers are spellbound the moment they step inside her world. The glittering lifestyle of Be-Angeled has not only charmed Ghent, but has also made its way to dozens of shops elsewhere in Belgium and abroad. Her vision, house and creations are overflowing with positivity, self-confidence and love, which is exactly what Be-Angeled aims to share with this book.

This book teaches you how to be Be-Angeled in fashion, interior design, cooking…and more. Easy step-by-step plans tell you how to find sheer cupcake bliss, how to pimp your T-shirt, and how to make your beloved blush with homemade nippie-pasties. Devi-Shri created this lifestyle bible, wrapped in her iconic colours of pink and black, to share a bit of her creativity with you.

Step inside an enchanting world starring bows, pearls and pumps.
Step inside & become Be-Angeled

Author: Devi-Shri Vancoillie, Photography: Devi-Shri Vancoillie, Editor: Charlotte Therssen
Publisher: Stichting Kunstboek, 24 x 17 cm 144 p, HC +200 illustrations, Releasedate: 5 februari 2013

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ISBN 978-90-5856-436-8

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